Roto Sweep

Roto Sweep is a new manual sweeper presented by the company known as Fuller Brush Co. There is an official website (, which was registered in December 2016. This product has a built-in dustpan and three rotating brushes that rotate 360 degrees. This makes it suitable for hard floors. Besides, its functioning does not require electricity or batteries, has no bag and weighs less than two pounds. Roto Sweep promises to work on tile, wood, marble, vinyl, and linoleum... read more

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum

The Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum is a relatively new household product that has received high scores in the test of gathering pet hair from the carpet. It can be used on both bare floor and hard floors and can perfect pick up such large debris as oatmeal and orzo pasta. The brush roll works well when activated on both the floor and carpet settings. Let us have a look at special features of this machine. It can be used as a hand vacuum... read more

Shark Rocket Professional

This is a 14-pound vacuum from the company with the same name, Shark. The latter has its own official website that is professionally made and provides all the necessary information on each product. The company also manufactures a number of other vacuums as well as some kitchen appliances. Shark Rocket Professional is bagless and has a brush on/off switch, HEPA filtration, and a 30-foot, manual-wind cord. This vacuum is a lightweight, in-hand vacuum with a quite long cord... read more

Shark Rocket Powerhead

The Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum is a quite new vacuum that promises to provide you with great cleaning power without the necessity to carry a lot of weight in your hand. The manufacturer has placed all of the features in its cleaning head. Its weight is centered onto the floor. In this way, you will need to carry only one pound in your hand. Besides, the vacuum never loses its power, as it uses interchangeable brushrolls to clean debris and dirt, as well as dynamic power steering for better maneuverability... read more

Shark Rocket TruePet

Shark Rocket TruePet is a small corded vacuum cleaner manufactured by the company called Shark. They are mainly marketing this vacuum as an ultra-light weight upright. It only weighs 8 pounds. According to the manufacturer, this device performs better than a DC40, a similar version, on deep cleaning tests on carpet. There are many positive reviews from consumers to confirm this. What is good about this vacuum is that it will never run out of energy since it is a corded unit, the downside is, it has a cord... read more

Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum

Shark Rocket Handheld Vacuum is the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner that promises to provide you with powerful suction. It's perfect for fast pick-ups and cleaning stairs, above floor surfaces, and car interiors. The product comes with a number of accessories including a TruePet Motorized Brush, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a stretch hose. TruePet Motorized Brush is an accessory that picks up loose debris, pet hair, and cleans deep surfaces. The cord is 15 feet long, thus, it provides good cleaning reach... read more

Stainz R Out

Stainz R Out is a concentrated stain remover and all-purpose cleaner that comes in a 2-pack 16 fl. oz. This stain remover uses the power of science to simplify your cleaning. The main advantage of the Stainz R Out is that it perfectly works on different surfaces. Due to its concentrated formula, the product is able to break down stains and to solve hard cleaning problems on tile, counters, carpet, concrete, fabric, and more. Having the Stainz R Out you will not need to have many different products for diverse surfaces... read more

DashCam Pro

DashCam Pro is a personal security camera specially designed for an automobile. According to the manufacturer, the device allows the user to record audio and full HD video. This can be done while driving to increase the driver's confidence behind the wheel. The product is easy to use. All you will need to do is to set up your DashCam Pro in three steps. First, locate its pivot mount on your windshield and place the suction cup into place. Second, pull down the wide-angle and you will immediately activate view video screen... read more

Exede Internet

Exede Internet is a company that promises to use some advanced satellite internet technology that provides high speed internet and can be afforded by the customers in any part of the United States. Whether you are located in a remote, rural area or at the end of a DSL pipeline, it claims to get you connected to satellite internet directly from space. The company is based out of Englewood, CO. But does Exede Internet really offer a usable internet service based on the satellite connection? If so, what is the value of the service... read more

Fora Financial

Fora Financial is a short term loan and merchant cash advance provider. It was founded by two college roommates Jared Feldman and Dan Smith who used to work together for other financing companies for several years. Afterwards, they decided to create their own company. In 2009, they started collecting capital from their family members and friends, and, despite getting to a crowded financing space, the company has grown to 116 employees as of February 2016. All this happened in a very short period of time. It should be mentioned that earlier the company... read more

Hatch Baby

It is not easy to be pregnant and it is even more exhausting to raise a child. Caring for a little human being requires a lot of work, especially in the modern world where everything seems upside down and young moms are worried whether they are doing it right. Besides, young parents are not sure how to maintain their children's health in the right way. Hatch Baby is a new invention that intends to give you some peace of mind. It is a smart changing table that allows you to track your baby's length, weight, feeding information, sleeping, diaper changes, and more... read more


A new product called InVinceable was released in September 2013. It is an unbelievable all-in-one cleaner that claims to save your time and money in many different cleaning products per year. It can be used as a detergent booster, stain remover, wall cleaner, tile cleaner, carpet cleaner, in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom... Your purchase will include a spray bottle that perfectly works at any angle. The company behind InVinceable is called InVinceable Inc. It has no BBB listing. The company has become popular in 2009... read more


LendingHome is a lender that uses its own capital to directly originate loans. The company issues "Platform Notes" to individual investors or sells whole loans to institutional investors. Individual investors can browse available investment opportunities, choose the most appealing ones and define the investment amount they want to commit. $50,000 is the minimal sum of money that can be invested on its retail investor platform, but you can participate in individual Platform Notes with just $5,000. Account Fees may vary from 1.0% to 2.5%... read more